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It was mentioned by a member, that the concept of ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY was not well known; so this is to clean up any misconceptions and to make a few things clear.

In order for any money to be useful, it must be ACCEPTED by all PARTIES. Since every country that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) touches is in receivership, any money created must comply with the IMF’s receivership rules. As with everything the U.S. dollar touches, the rules are designed to exploit the ignorant. For hundreds of years corporations have made their own money as a matter of course. What did you think “in-store credit” was? However, in order for money to be “LEGAL” it MUST have the following:

It must have a signature making a promise
It must have a signature endorsing that promise
It must be received by a TRUSTEE

Every document you submit for court is stamped “Received”. As you were taught, there are no homonyms in law, and there are no synonyms in law. Legally, “Received” is a banking term. The only PARTIES LEGALLY allowed to exchange this money are LAWYERS. This ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY makes up the bulk of a lawyer’s fee, and it comes directly out of your share of the CONSOLIDATED RESERVE FUND. That guy, Derek Moran (who likes to circle-jerk to ACTS, CODES and STATUTES) will likely be able to point you to where you can substantiate this; but trust me when I say, that the primary mandate of GOVERNMENT is CHARITY. If you really want to send your head for a spin, look up the LEGAL definition of “charity”. Then ask yourself why there needs to be a legal definition for a distinctly common word.

The GOVERNMENT is obligated to look after the cattle owned by the LAW SOCIETY. ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY is literally open betting with your lives. It’s all happening right in front of you, and you didn’t even see the money. This is true universally. If there are two signatures, and the TRUSTEE is MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES, then that is MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES MONEY. All of these are simply the trading of SECURITIES. Nothing is being traded except your future time. The money must come from somewhere, but it always ends up in the pocket of a lawyer. Their client may pay them a million dollars, but from that they’ll get another nine million in ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY. That’s why trials cost as much as they do. A wedding is harder to arrange than a court hearing, and you can do that for less than fifty thousand dollars – and that’s with food and catering. The bill you get from a lawyer gets multiplied the second you pay it. Because a lawyer can cash that paid invoice in for all the ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY he generated.

You, the lowly CITIZEN and loyal tax payer, are the ones who pick up the tab. You’ve already contributed to the “loose change bowl” that is the CONSOLIDATED REVENUE FUND. Since Scott Duncan has been so public about all of these things, you will find that the courts dislike the modern pro se litigant, as they ask too many uncomfortable questions. People are saying this is wrong, and they always seem to do it through AGENCY. After three years it should become obvious that no lawyer, ACTING as a LAWYER, and no government official, ACTING as a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, will ever say Scott Duncan is wrong – but they will never say he is right. The minute they say he is right, they are admitting to FRAUD. Scott Duncan knows this. In fact, he briefed the LAW SOCIETY and the ATTORNEY GENERAL four years ago as to what he intended to do.

I hope this little expansion regarding the nature of ATTORNEY GENERAL MONEY, has also expanded your knowledge; and will prompt you to start asking GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and the LAW SOCIETY the really uncomfortable questions. If you truly want to give Scott Duncan VALUE, this is how you do it. Remember what he told you about receiving VALUE:

“Take what you need and give the rest to everyone.”

Start asking questions. If you get stuck, post your questions here. Inform all PARTIES you communicate with, that you intend to publish. You should not have to hide your intent, because as Scott also says, “The good guys don’t hide.”