Wild! Flowers! (again)

My dear friend Giata Frabini has reminded me of my floral works, in the best possible way, by buying some with my own currency, Newfie Coin. I’m supposed to be a semi-retired “senior artist” now, going over my negatives with a light table and a magnifying glass, sipping something Portuguese (No. The wine, you idiot), […]

WEB-TV SHOW — 16 mars 2017

La Sûreté de SA personne Published on Mar 17, 2017 –Pete Daoust Invité: Yann Lachance Émission du: 16 mars 2017 Sujet: Yann, s’est fait battre en août 2016. Il porte plainte à la police de Québec, puis cette plainte disparaît! … https://www.facebook.com/groups/lasur… https://lasuretedesapersonne.com/ http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/101061811