Crankiness And Robots

Spring is sprung and a young man’s thoughts turn to… who are we kidding? Like they weren’t all winter. Horny fuckers. Anyway it turns OLD men’s thoughts to disturbing daydreams of violence and destruction, often involving robots. It… it makes us pretty goddamn cranky.


But, what can a cranky old man do? Lacking hordes of fucking robots, not much. Try to build some, I guess.

So let’s start with one of these:

It’s a Pine 64. These 64 bit computer boards start at 15 bucks. You can order them with more ram and various doo-dads.

I don’t know if it’s possible to build world-destroying robots out of these, but they do run Linux so we know they’ll make fine servers or nodes for Ethereum, Dash, MaidSafe, OpenBazaar, etc.

I ordered one in April. The back-order situation is ongoing, due to the vast response on Kickstarter, but the boards are shipping and I’m hoping it won’t be too long a wait.

I’ll post about the thing when it arrives and let you know how it goes. Until then,

Be well, fly low, stay cranky.


Scott Duncan Quote of the Day


2: ALL LAW IS PROHIBITIVE. You are buying this law to PROHIBIT OTHERS from infringing on YOUR RIGHTS, and now YOUR SERVANTS are claiming THEY have authority over YOU, because “they do all the housework”; Yes, they are your maid, but they PRESUME to be your WIFE. The MAID has ALREADY BEEN PAID!

3: You PAID a bunch of SERVANTS under SPECIFICALLY DEFINED RULES, and your “MAID” now thinks it has the same “rights” as a SPOUSE. To drive the point home, your SERVANTS demand a LICENCE to marry…

…let those 3 points sink in. Take all the time you need.

Scott Duncan