Cranky Old Man

Monday - I was frantic all day to get two things sent off, and I ordered a new monitor for my old eyes. I have finished the antibacterial (yay!),  and I see my GP tomorrow. Much has happened since last visit.
Sunday - Some gorgeous out. But cold. A neighbour comes to visit: Buddy eyes him suspiciously. Buddy approaches warily. [ERROR: LANGUAGE NOT FOUND:CAT] Don’t look back. All is stable here, which of course means Sunday is an OFF day. One may look at items on the Amazon, admire them, imagine them improving your life in oh! so […]
Saturday - A week ago I was in hospital with an endless stream of nurses, orderlies, food guys, pill ladies clocking out my days and nights. Today it’s just me and the cat. Well, I have do have buzzer alarms set which do indeed clock out the day for my meds and it’s sort of the same […]
Friday - Doing: nothing, v e r y slowly. All day. As ordered. All is stable here. And my Belbin’s frozen dinners delivery arrived in time for lunch. Which is good because I have developed an interest in food recently. Like, since Monday. Right? Something, something… Nope. Friday is a down day. It’s a good thing. Here […]
Out of the hospital. - Well, they let me out of the hospital. If I survive the next few days, I’ll write up the entire harrowing, yet somewhat amusing story and post it here. The problem was it was very hard to diagnose. Luckily, I was in the exact right hospital, where the staff respirologist happens to be the very […]
Stupid Cat (updated) - Today on Stupid Cat Buddy demonstrates how to fuck up and lose a mouse you have already caught. Update on that: the mouse did not escape, it was mortally wounded. Poor thing hid under the couch all night I suppose, then came out to die. I had just fed Buddy and walking back to my […]
The Electric Stick Art Of Seeing - The Art Of Seeing Have a look at this gallery of images for my new book The Art Of Seeing Vol 1 Coming this spring!
While we wait, why not visit Flickr? - Visit my Flickr site for lots and lots of cool photos & art! Kent Barrett’s Wild! Flowers! photoset