THE TENDER FOR LAW – APPOINTED ARTICLE – INSURANCE FOR THE INEPT – By APPOINTMENT of Gail Blackman (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


One of the great things about being in a law forum, run by a prorogued noble, is that you have the unique opportunity of posing the right question and always getting a near-magical answer; which causes something to flip in that little lump of protoplasm you laughingly call a brain.

… and everything becomes clear.

How many of you are kicking yourselves because you didn’t know what THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER means?

Well, this one’s no different.

Readers of this forum will notice I have a particular distaste for the Abrahamic religions.  I have to tell you, it’s not going to let up in this article, because this article is about INSURANCE.  We all know about INSURANCE.  If you’re driving, you HAVE to have INSURANCE.  Hell if you want safe harbour anywhere, the harbour-master will demand that your boat have INSURANCE.

So let’s look at the word.  First the prefix “in”.  What does the prefix “in” mean?  Well, look at all the words that I use to describe all of you – Inept, incompetent, incapable, insecure, insincere, indefensible, inexcusable, ineffective…I’m sure you guys are getting the idea.  And the rest of the word just refers to surety.  In the end it all refers to surety and accounting — nothing else.

In order to completely remove surety (insure), another PERSON must take responsibility (SURETY) for your actions.  This concept is in fact, FRAUD.  Here in reality it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.  I’ve leveraged that concept all my life.  Let’s assume as I type this, I KNOW I am responsible for at least three homicides; but can you prove it?  Let’s say you could.  What if you decided I committed those homicides for the right reasons, and you decided that you were going to “do the time” for me.  And while I certainly don’t want to discourage people from doing really nice things for me, you serving the sentence for me does not actually absolve me of the responsibility.  You’re just taking the proverbial “hit” for me.  Allowing you to do that time for me would be unethical in ways I won’t even cover here, yet that morally repugnant concept is played out daily – with INSURANCE.

Another PERSON assumes SURETY for your actions.  This is why INSURANCE companies still refer to natural events/disasters as “Acts of God”.  A delusional Christian fuck-wit brings this up weekly as though their INSURANCE policy validates the existence of God.

This is one of many uses for the Abrahamic religions.  They socially-engineer concepts like INSURANCE so they are elevated from blatant unethical FRAUD to a necessity for daily life, and they will say you are foolish, or a bad person, for not having INSURANCE.How did they manage to pull that off?  In my above homicide scenario, I explained the FRAUD in plain, unambiguous terms.  Only the most ethically bankrupt amongst you will miss the point.  The reason it has never occurred to you, is because of everybody’s favourite zombie-rape-baby, Jesus H. Christ.

As a little side note to Christians, as it may not have occurred to them, it’s NOT OK to impregnate women in their sleep!  This should seem obvious but you’re a Christian — so you can never be too sure.

Anyway…where was I? …Jesus the zombie-rape-baby…right.

The whole Christian doctrine revolves around the assertion that Jesus-zombie-rape-baby died for your sins.  Only Christians seem to be able to determine what these “sins” are; however, apparently having sex is a sin, and murder is a sin; hell, even thought crimes (impure thoughts) are sins.  But don’t you worry, you horrible, wretched thing, Jesus the zombie-rape-baby has died for your sins.  And if you can believe that, well then, Bob’s Universal All-encompassing mega INSURANCE policy (don’t forget to read the fine print) is for you (Act now, ’cause you know we can’t do this all day)!

One of the things all of you have to realize, especially the Christians, is that the entire history of the world was rewritten in the 1500’s.  Shakespeare was introduced to inject “legalese” into the vernacular of the Angols.  Translate any copy of THE MAGNA CARTA and you will notice no legalese ever appears in it.  And my personal favourite is Christians that wave around the KING JAMES BIBLE.  I can’t make this any simpler.  It says right on the fucking cover who is scamming you!

Everything in the nobility is executed by APPOINTMENT, from social engineering projects like the KING JAMES BIBLE, to Dunhill cigarettes, because the Queen likes a certain type of tobacco.  These products and “services” are executed with the presumption that they are in compliance with the Sovereign’s wishes, and notice is given on the product itself that it was created by APPOINTMENT, by the entity who appointed it.

The KING JAMES BIBLE was APPOINTED by King James.  The technology had reached the point were mass production of print medium was possible.  This meant that social engineering that normally relied on “word-of-mouth” could now have rigid change-control introduced.  This meant the instructions for selling your daughter into slavery was consistent throughout the Commonwealth.  This also introduced the concept of an imaginary rape baby taking responsibility for all the bad shit you do.  Seriously that’s what you “bought”.  There are people reading this who believe this to be true.

The whole “dying” thing is also a scam.  That’s the zombie part.  Zombie-rape-baby-Jesus supposedly came back to life three day’s after he died.  Where’s the sacrifice?  He wasn’t even out of commission long enough for his relatives to start fighting over his stuff.  The very notion that “Jesus died for your sins” is nullified by the fact that he stopped being dead.  He didn’t die for your sins, he had a bad weekend for your sins…and he slept through most of it.  OK, I’m really Christian-bashing here.  Let’s split the difference and say, “Jesus was sightly inconvenienced for your sins.”

I understand he was inconvenienced on a long weekend, too, which makes it really…bad?

I’m sorry, I’m really trying to ascertain how this equals all the bad shit you do.  You Christians will claim this Jesus guy will absolve me of any wrongdoing because of the “sacrifice” he made, but I’m not seeing where this sacrifice is.  I’m not mentioning this because I’m looking for convincing.  I’m from that same group of guys that made this book, and that’s where the argument becomes moot.

I can’t stress this enough, but I’m one of the guys that’s in on the scam.

You’ll constantly hear me say, “Stop studying the clubhouse rules, because you’re not in the club.”  I’m descended from the founders of the club.  I would rather live in poverty than to live off your labour; although my position on this has been on a sliding scale of late.  Of all the clubhouse rules, the bible in any form, should be avoided at all costs.  It should be fought at every possible opportunity, and should be met with all the ridicule and contempt you can throw at it…

…because it deserves no less.  It is an ethically bankrupt FRAUD…just like INSURANCE.

If you think I can make Christianity sound retarded, wait until I cover INSURANCE.

So let’s zoom back to when you were 16-years-old.  You can’t vote, you can’t drink, there’s a question mark as to whether you can legally have sex according to where you reside, but there is one thing you can do — you can drive.

Hence you engage in the ego-building act of getting “permission to learn” from the government.  So, at the whim of a paper-pusher who couldn’t get a job in the real world, you will hopefully be given permission to learn; and you will have proof that you have this permission when you produce a LEARNER’S PERMIT.  And so every good Christian goes through this RIGHT OF PASSAGE where they are granted permission to learn.  Gee willikers, it’s awfully swell that the government gave you permission to learn, huh?

But you’re just sixteen, remember?  You’re not old enough to know of the real pitfalls of life…like dames and broads trying to play you for a sap (I’m laughing as I type this, because 1950’s movie-speak is almost as retarded as this generations’s pop-culture slang).

Now in order to exercise your newly-acquired “permission to learn” you’re going to need a vehicle, perhaps a car, which is a contraction of carriage…which is a LEGAL term, so don’t use it.  But since you’re trying to be “LEGAL”, having been granted “permission to learn” (seriously am I the only one who finds that the most demeaning thing ever written on paper?), a car will do just nicely.  But what if you get into an accident?  It won’t occur to you that accident is just that – an accident.  There is no SURETY, real or implied, for something that’s accidental.  That’s what makes it an accident!  There is no intent behind the damage.  But if you subjugate yourself to a PERSON, that PERSON will assume full SURETY for any damages, and like zombie-rape-baby-Jesus, this PERSON only exists on paper.  All of you consider it so real, that people are jailed regularly for “Driving without INSURANCE”.  It sort of “drives” the point home, doesn’t it?

You have been pre-programmed to accept this subjugation, this ridiculous, FRAUDULENT, morally-bankrupt subjugation is a LEGAL necessity, and all of it deals with MONEY OF ACCOUNT.  MONEY OF EXCHANGE never touches the equation.  For those of you who are too lazy and/or stupid to learn the difference between MONEY OF ACCOUNT and MONEY OF EXCHANGE, one dollar in MONEY OF ACCOUNT is only capable of buying and/or cancelling another dollar in MONEY OF ACCOUNT.  90% of all money in the world is this type of money.  It’s pretend.  It’s not real.  It only applies to the clubhouse rules, and it competes directly with the money in your pocket.  This is the dynamic that everyone misses.

I hear lots of extremely accurate descriptions of how MONEY OF ACCOUNT is created, and they all come from idiots who know nothing about what money is.  They’ll go off on some tangent about Lou Manotti and his evil henchmen, the Freemasons.  …and lizards. There’s lizards somewhere in all of their crap, too.

Once again I’d like to digress and remind everyone that on every occasion that I required a mason, free did not enter into the equation.  Masons are fucking expensive, and there’s no such thing as a free one.

…where was i?


THE TENDER FOR LAW is primarily about the money that carries that TENDER.  There are lots of learned men who will talk endlessly about law.  I have forgotten more about law than all of these men combined have ever learned.  I say men because a woman’s brain simply would not be able to encompass the blatant lies that the travesty that we call law spews at them.  Reading the writings of Mary Elizabeth Croft will provide you with one example of what goes through a thinking-woman’s mind when law is actually analyzed.  You’ll notice the things I teach you here from a law perspective, are really simple.  They are all created with the intent of getting you out of accounting and surety.  I have declared publicly on the record that the TENDER FOR LAW that money provides is, in fact, a FRAUD.  Most of you reading this are probably already painfully aware of this fact.

My entire life plan relied on the RULE OF LAW remaining intact, but when the time came for me to assert my RIGHTS under that rule, the pretence became blatant.  Anyone else going through what I have, would have been defeated; but as I constantly point out, I’m descended from an evil, vile, pseudo-culture…and I’ve forgotten more about law than any of these people will ever know.  There are lawyers that will testify to that fact, so it’s not like this should come as a surprise, but I have documented EVERYTHING.  If it was spoken as regards me, I have a recording of it.  If any name over which I have executive authority has been used in a document, I have a copy of it.  Laid out on a time-line, the blatant FRAUD becomes irrefutable, conclusive proof of what everybody already knows.

I mention all this because what I’m describing is, INSURANCE.  Notice that my INSURANCE is a little different than the good neighbours at, “State Farm”.  It’s designed to put the SURETY where it belongs — not with me.  The difference between the good neighbours at State Farm and me, is that I am not subjugating myself.  My INSURANCE is real.  It exists in the real world, and the more astute among you will see that I am pushing it all into a universe of virtual worlds.

When you understand what money is, you can construct money through VALUE.

If it exists in the real world, it has VALUE.  Any currency used to track that VALUE, when exchanging goods, is MONEY OF EXCHANGE.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, does not exist in the real world.  Only its mysterious creators have any COPYHOLD on the VALUE.  That’s the thing about Bitcoin – in the end the guys that created it, get all the money.  They get this because people volunteer to take alpha-test-grade, proof-of-concept code, and open their computers up to the Internet.  They then give hardware-level access to their memory, processor, GPU and hard drive, to a rogue, autonomous process that their empty, little heads couldn’t even dream of understanding, with no one paying attention to its original intent — which is to prove that it could be done.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are doing this on purpose, because the VALUE is returned almost immediately.  For Bitcoin has all the properties of gold, without the liabilities.  Bitcoin is but one cryptographic currency.  AQUILAE has its own cryptographic currency.  It cannot be counterfeited, and is a near-perfect accounting mechanism.  AQUILAE is not even a PERSON, it’s a TRUST.  If a TRUST can have a currency, why can’t you?  What I am building for everyone here, is a method to remove the middle-man.  If you have your own currency, you don’t need a bank.  If cryptographic currencies can’t be counterfeited, then it’s trade cannot be regulated.  It remains within the private realm and the ease at which you can convert your currency to MONEY OF EXCHANGE anywhere in the world, is directly proportional to your VALUE.  In the current economic framework, backed by debt-based FIAT currency, the only legitimate path to wealth is to produce, to make something in the real world that didn’t exist before.

Like every dollar in existence, all things of VALUE have a creation date and a death date.  Whatever you produce must be built with that in mind.  For instance, producing a plaque with a cheesy-Jesus slogan on it, actually has VALUE.  Perhaps it has VALUE to its creator, but here in reality, that plaque with the cheesy-Jesus slogan, will find its way to a landfill very quickly.

This very article you are reading has a creation date, and a death date, and this is becoming apparent with the four threads that just magically disappeared here.  Pierre destroyed the thread where he was bestowed his sacred, native name.  The thread itself had VALUE, for it reflected the culture from whence Pierre came.  The colloquial term, “fucking the dog” refers to bored, unionized workers taking their one-hour breaks between their fifteen minutes of actual labour.  Look at any road crew in Quebec and you will see a working example of “fucking the dog.”  And so, Fucks the Puppy was bestowed upon Pierre as an homage, and in an irrational fit of nameless rage Pierre destroyed the thread, which by the way, is the most labour I’ve ever seen out of labourer in Quebec.  Ok, I don’t really feel that way about people from Quebec.  Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure there’s an act or statute somewhere in Ontario that says I must make fun of people from Quebec.  I’m also pretty sure there’s an equivalent act or statute for people in Quebec to refer to people in Ontario.  Truth be told, one of the most inspirational people in my lifetime was Rene Levesque, and I strongly suggest that every single reader look at the history of this awesome shit-disturber.

Quebec politicians do some awesome things.  For example, if you want to see awesome, political suicide, no one will ever beat Jacques Parizeau…but I digress again…

We were talking about INSURANCE.

My INSURANCE is my life plan.  It’s way off track, and I need to get it back on track.  But my life plan relied on the Rule of Law remaining intact.  And while we weren’t looking, our RIGHTS got sold, and nobody bothered consulting us.  My INSURANCE company went bust.  The Rule of Law is not intact, and in my eyes they have forfeitted the right to exist; because I’ve made it very clear, that limited liability is a fallacious concept, and if I stand by and watch the GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO operating as “JUSTICE”, victimize the PUBLIC whose TRUST it holds, I become no better than you.  I have a life plan that I must return to.  I have a defective government process posing as “JUSTICE” and victimizing the citizens it has sworn to serve.

To return to my life plan under these circumstances is to make myself an enabler; and so I have a problem.  For whether I like it or not, I’m one of the good guys, and it’s not a role I’m comfortable with.  There are many reasons for this, one of them being that to be the good guy, I have to do both.  I have to get “a” Rule of Law in place, one that serves the interests of the people it governs.  Since I love spewing out spoilers I’m going to give the end of the story away RIGHT NOW!  Why am I destroying your journey of discovery by giving away the ending? Because, FUCK YOU, that’s why!  I may be the good guy, but I don’t have to be nice about it.

The only way to LEGALLY and LAWFULLY do what I propose is to restore EXECUTIVE POWER to the Monarchy for a period not exceeding five years.  From this moment forward a primary focus of those who follow what I am teaching should be an investigation into why this is true.  It is the only possible answer that has any chance of success.  Over the next few weeks we will explore why giving executive power to a little old lady of Germanic descent, and nine Corgees, is a good idea.  AND, because I’m right, everybody is going to find out the hard way, that it is impossible to prove that I’m wrong.  That’s what makes it right!

As I explain, step-by-step, how I intend to accomplish this lofty goal, it will become readily apparent that I already have everything in place.  I’ve planned for what’s to come.  AND, before shit gets real, I’m going to train you all up to a level where you can think in a useful manner.  By useful, I mean to YOU, because you currently think wrong, and VALUE the wrong things.  It may be difficult to hear, but you’re programmed to be a useless, sack-of-shit.  If you should produce any VALUE, the government is there to lie to you about that VALUE, and to trick you into thinking you owE THEM for being VALUEable.  If I’m successful, all that stolen VALUE will be returned to the people it was stolen from.  But what happens at the end of that five years? You see Elizabeth Windsor is the KEEPER OF THE TRUST.  You see a little, old lady.  I see an echo of a little girl that the world knew as Princess Elizabeth — and her plea to the Commonweath to come to her aid.  This is the SOVEREIGN OF THE COMMONWEALTH, and she didn’t choose it.  My grandfather taught me all I needed to know to TRUST Elizabeth Windsor.  When the power is handed to her, she’ll know what to do with it, because she knows that even if she fails at what is surely a lifetime of planning, she has you and I, as INSURANCE.

While this sinks in… Enjoy this LIVE FOOTAGE OF “Scott Duncan Simu-Drones” ATTACKING! 😀