Libertarians and my cat

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Larken Rose And Cats

Figure 1: This is Meko and Trouble. They are cats

Figure 2: This is Larken Rose. He is a Libertarian. He recently said:

“There are plenty of different legalese mythology theories which amount to, “You accidentally and secretly AGREED and CONSENTED to be ruled by government by…” Then they end the statement with “calling yourself a ‘citizen'” or “using FRN’s” or “having a Social Security Number” or “using a bank account” or “spelling your name in all capital letters” or they say it’s about living here without filing some magic piece of paper or “declaring” something or other.

Trouble is, that is all absolute BS. You can’t ACCIDENTALLY acquire a contractual obligation. If I said, “You AGREED to be my subject by wearing shoes while in North America (because I just said so),” the proper response is not to take off your shoes; it’s to tell me to piss off.”

Larken Rose and these cats are the same, because they have so much in common:

1. They all think they rule their environment
2. They’re all completely dependent on everything outside of their delusion

Before I start bashing Libertarians, it is important that I point out the indisputable facts about which they are indisputably correct. They are indisputably correct that no man has an authority over another man. In short, you don’t get to “own” people, no matter how big your mob may be. It’s also indisputable that the benefits which government claims to provide, should be voluntary. Here’s where the similarities end.

Libertarians espouse their fondness to set their own terms and to talk about voluntaryism, but even volunteering is a CONTRACT. You are providing a service when you volunteer, and assuming all surety for the benefit of someone else. Those therein would be the terms of a CONTRACT. That same Libertarian would find it appalling if, as a community we built a road, and I decided I was going to set up a toll booth to collect my share of the labour. Libertarians will have no shortage of complaints when contracts that they’re involved in are ignored.

When I declare that you are bound by ACTS, CODES and STATUTES when you use LEGAL TENDER, I am relating what the NOTICE of that CONTRACT says. I’m not stating they have “magic fucking powers”; and this is the thing that is lost on Libertarians. I am simply informing everyone what the CONTRACT is, and if you ignore the CONTRACTS of others, why should they give a quarter-fuck about you? The subject of this discussion, the stupid rant, is just relating the very stupid position that ignoring CONTRACTS, breaking promises, and just plain committing FRAUD, is OK because…


These are not “hidden, or “accidental” contracts. There is NOTICE.

I NORMALLY don’t have the right to put a bullet in your head for ignoring my orders…

…but step onto one of my ships, and ignore my orders, and you will get a bullet to the head from the Captain. It wouldn’t even be a “crime” to do so. We’re under a LIBERIAN flag, not “Murrikuh”. I have to frame policy around THOSE “laws”, of which there are VERY few. Don’t like it? DON’T BOARD MY SHIPS!

Don’t like the obligations that come with “Legal Tender”? DON’T USE IT. Want to ignore any contracts that come with LEGAL TENDER, then LIEN YOUR NAME. It’s why they are afraid to give credit to people who have liened their name; You have NO obligation to obey the terms. your obligation is to the principal claim.

I get to pretend the contracts aren’t there. You don’t.

THEY have breached THEIR SIDE of the contract, and no longer represent the interests of the people the “government” is supposed to be AGENT for; THAT is why you can dismiss it, NOT because you want to pretend those contracts aren’t there. Do that, and you can expect the same treatment in return.

Hey Larken! How ’bout I wander onto your land and declare “I’m not bound by any property rights defined on magic parchments, and your opinion” and then go raiding your home for goodies. You REALLY think that is a valid position to hold? NO! If I were to do that, I’d expect Hosey Josie “The Outlaw” to come waddling out with a chartreuse flamethrower, and frying my ass.

Make no mistake, I agree with everything that Larken Rose stands for, but on this issue, he’s just dead wrong, and negates every other principle he stands for. Ignore your contracts, and you become what your behold. If the government isn’t keeping up their end of the bargain, secure your name, otherwise, COMPLY WITH YOUR CONTRACTUAL UNDERTAKINGS. Don’t be THEM!