Lookup A Legalese Word

Ever notice how some words mean vastly different things in Legalese than they do in English. Ever find yourself looking at a legal document and get the feeling you’re trying to read 300 pages of 6 point white-on-white Sanskrit?

Sure you have or you wouldn’t be looking for “legal” definitions. Duhaime seems to have removed what primitive find function there was previously and that annoyed me, so I put a custom search box here. You can look up a word in Duhaime’s, Irwin, Free Law Dictionary, Blacks. Except I think Blacks and Irwin are blocking it. Don’t mind the button colour if it looks wonky. The CSS is coming from Google and their control panel lies.

This would be handy in a sidebar for reference on all the Legal Stuff Articles pages, wouldn’t it? Then why don’t I make a widget for that? Huh? Huh? Yes, that will happen. Not today, though.

Update: Ok, ok, quit whining, I did it.