Out of the hospital.

Well, they let me out of the hospital. If I survive the next few days, I’ll write up the entire harrowing, yet somewhat amusing story and post it here.

The problem was it was very hard to diagnose. Luckily, I was in the exact right hospital, where the staff respirologist happens to be the very smart man who discovered the new diagnosis protocol for this condition, which previously involved needle biopsy and now can be done in under half an hour, no needles. He calls it the “Flop him on his belly.” test.

Curious? Want to know my thoughts on the machines for helping sick people that we call hospitals? Caution, it is a long and terrifying tale, but hopefully has a happy ending.

Want to know what I have? See if you can guess from this video from last century.

I’m an old man with no ass and I hope your weekend was better than mine.

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