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Erich Kirov·Monday, 4 February 2019

I’m still Admiral of Scott Duncan’s rust-bucket fleet of vessels. Life is hard on them, make no mistake. It’s a lifestyle we all chose, because it turns out our “birthright” is a fraud. We suffer, but endure, and take great comfort in the absolute knowledge that we know what’s right.

My term as Admiral has been the best and worst part of my life. Scott Duncan made it all look so easy. You already know how much he loves to point that out. “Scott is ALWAYS right”, or so the saying goes, and reflecting on these past few years, I can’t really disagree with any point where that phrase gets mentioned.

That said, I’m going to take a page out of his “playbook” and post a public record of an event that has recently occurred.

To fully understand what I am about to tell you, it’s necessary to explain how we “get work”.
PRIVATEERS and PIRATES get work through agency/brokerage. These agencies list “jobs” on private brokers’ “Bulletin Boards”. The one in Panama still uses early 90’s software called “TriBBS”. They don’t upgrade for varying reasons including reliability, security-through-obscurity, and the fact that inexperienced users only have to learn how it works, once, instead on needing re-training through “upgrades”. We use these brokerages to get “work” (Which, these days, mostly consists of smuggling, sinking private yachts, and killing people before a state/country is obligated to “deal with them”. EVERY country in the world uses these brokers. Every single one. Even Canada.

That brings us to the alarming title of this “note”. I am writing this in the capacity of ADMIRAL in the same manner Admiral Scott did. I want a public record that is potentially witnessed by millions. So here we are.

The GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, seemingly oblivious to Scott Duncan’s declaration of war against the Law Society, has hired a broker to approach us directly. Every BBS had it. Singapore, Liberia, and Panama all had these messages waiting for us, and the broker is authenticated, and is confirmed, with proof, that they are acting with the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, and have authorization to negotiate on their behalf.

Historically the only time that happens is when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ask for it.

It’s what they ask for that compels me to post this.

Do you guys remember Cyprus, and the role we very publically played? We stopped an armed invasion. They hired pirates to sink “refugee” boats, and I hadn’t been Admiral for even a week. By my second week at the post I was personally responsible for over 400 deaths. To compare, Scott Duncan was acting in a blatant conflict-of-interest being Admiral, but he held the post because they were his boats, and it looked like a war was coming. If there must be a war, I’d want a smart, competent, skilled, trustworthy hate-and-rage monster like Scott Duncan calling the shots, and that was the opinion of every other captain in the fleet.

All he did was protect us. Not a drop of blood was spilled. We saved Cyprus, and showed everyone there what Scott Duncan showed us; Cryptographic Currencies. One day soon, I’ll retire and write a huge book about that time. It was extraordinary, and one of the most amazing times in my life. I hope to live long enough to do it.

The above written history is likely why they approached us. They want us to hunt and kill Muslims. In Canada. They also want us to “frame” people for “hate crime” with each “kill”.

The only reason anybody should be concerned here is that one of the “Hate Crime” targets is one Dean C. Clifford. Just letting everyone know that we have refused this job. That will have consequences for us in the future, and Scott Duncan as well. Interested parties should understand that we were only their first choice. Somebody will pick up this contract. It pays quite generously.

Just letting you know it’s happening. You really do need to take a closer look at what Canada’s “leaders” are doing.

I will not be taking questions on this matter and will have a crewman watch this account to delete any comments. This note is stand alone. Do not comment.

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