The Infinity Computer

Notes On The Infinity Computer

I see a disturbing lack of comprehension of what is happening, even among those that pride themselves of some (vague) knowledge of The Blockchain, as if just being aware that Bitcoin is a thing gives them some sort of higher power not accessible by the sheeple.

I see people priding themselves and bragging about getting up early and shuffling their cryptos around to momentary advantage as if the whole point of a distributed ledger was to open up new frontiers of Day Trading currency speculation. There’s an entire publication dedicated to the notion at Cointelegraph just for example. Shit like that is a temple for the worship of Wrong. People that think the purpose of life is to be the early bird and acquire the worm to the disadvantage of all the other birds will be replaced by digital birds that not only never sleep, they keep a sharp eye out for motherfuckers like that.

I see mind-bendingly powerful computers for sale for 15 USD. Ok, they’re only mind-bendingly powerful to us old guys who remember what kind of computers took us to the fucking moon. That’s right, Jack, you couldn’t play Angry Birds on an Apollo Guidance Computer.

I see the development of memory and registers operating in picoseconds .

I see vast storage capable of lasting near enough to forever as makes no difference to mortal men.

I see distributed cryptographically secure p2p networks.

I see open source distributed processing of insane amounts of data.

I see Ethereum.

Yeah, people see money… but *I* see… the INFINITY COMPUTER. It is everywhere and it is nowhere. Anyone can use it, nobody can control or stop it and it is happening right fucking now.

More to come on this topic.