THE TENDER FOR LAW: The Looming Threat of FreeDumb

Scream Freee-Dumb!

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In this writing I shall go further into my Noble Title, the Trust I commissioned in 1982, the Constitution, and the term ‘Freeman’.

My grandfather (John Clark Duncan) was an extraordinary man.  He was of Noble descent, and served the Royal House of Windsor in World War II, training fighter pilots and later joining the 435/436 Burma Star Squadron; where he was remembered for saving a bunch of people’s asses  (and giving somebody else the credit), and depth-charging a whale off the coast of Vancouver island.Most people are unaware of the events of 1933 and the Treaty of Westminster, a long dry, boring, convoluted document that released the subjects of the Monarchy, demoted Nobles to the status of Subject, and made all of their descendants, and current “Subjects”, Freemen.  The remaining bills granting that status were signed by John Diefenbaker in 1960, and here’s where the legal shell game begins.


Titles and Trusts are always intertwined.  After this treaty was signed, an odd thing happened with the Monarchy.  Unlike British Monarchs of the past, who COMMANDED their subjects to war, Princess Elizabeth Windsor, in a speech that, in my opinion, is just not famous enough, asked, nay begged her recently released subjects to help Britain in her darkest hour.  Of course my grandfather answered the call.  We all know how the war turned out, so I have no plot twists for you there.  What did change was civil service.  For the first time in Canadian history, people who held public office could actually make a living doing it; and people still make a living doing it to this day…and that’s the problem.

To hold the PUBLIC TRUST was once an honour, not an occupation.  You were expected to make a living on your own.  The end of World War II brought an end to that as well.  We’ll discuss the contemptible things government workers have become in the next chapter.

Currently everyone’s favourite source of information is Wikipedia.  The hilarious thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can edit the pages, thus encouraging the shell game without actually lying.  Let’s look at two documents:

First we will look at the above-mentioned document, The Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960, and then we will look at the UK Canada Act, 1982.  You don’t know it as the UK Canada Act; you know it as the Canadian Charter of Rights  and Freedoms  (“Charter”).

Here’s where the hilarity comes in.  If you read Wikipedia’s explanation, “The Canadian Bill of Rights remains in effect, but its widely acknowledged ineffectiveness was the main reason that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adopted in 1982”.  That is a pretty amazing sentence.  It is filled with presumptions about the Canadian Bill of Rights, the first being it’s “ineffectiveness”.  Ineffective for whom?  Certainly not you, the free man.  Read the thing.  This is effectively the same as the Charter, yet puts severe onus on the government to demonstrate STANDING.  It also applies to everyone who agrees, not just the government.  Therefore if you agree with the Canadian Bill of Rights, and the government agrees with the Canadian Bill of Rights, the government’s burden is too high to reasonably prosecute a case in court, and that’s what they mean by “ineffectiveness”.  If you are a Freeman (no commercial debt or mortgage) it is very difficult to establish joinder with the government, thus making prosecutions “ineffective”.

Let’s move on to the next weasel words.  So why is the Charter more effective?  If you actually read the Charter, especially section 32, you will note that the Charter only applies to government.  There is no agreement, no joinder, no mention of Freemen.  It is just presumed that you work for the ORGANIZATION called “government”.

Anyone digging back through public records will see absolutely no record in school of John Scott Duncan.  Underneath any of the several, oh-so-adorable pictures of me in my youth, in yearbooks, etc., you will see the name, Scott Duncan.  When anybody asked about this strange discrepancy, it was always brushed off as “Scottish tradition”.  My father is not commonly known as “John”, he is commonly known as “Wayne”.  Thus was true with each eldest son of each generation in the Duncan Clan.  As an aside, my grandfather absolutely loathed the name “Clark”, and so was commonly known as “Jack”.  For the name, John Duncan ( I am the twenty-third to hold that title), represented Clan Equity protecting the rest of the family from the perils of legal jurisprudence.  I’m going to presume that in the distant past, members of my family actually liked each other, as I myself am more likely to put a bullet in my father’s head than I am to give him shelter from legal jurisprudence.  It is of no concern, I still hold the title.  It doesn’t mean much under the law, but it does allow you to commission Royal Trusts.  In 1982, myself and three other nobles, legally damaged our titles with intent.  Like the Trans-Pacific partnership emerging today, we saw the rumbling storm of the UK Canada Act approaching way back then.  The Delaware Corporation, TAYLOR, DUNCAN, MCPHERSON AND BELL, was formed to hold a Trust, and act in commerce. (If you don’t know why we formed it in Delaware, you have no business acting in commerce, beyond buying shit).

NOTICE was given to the House of Windsor that the TRUSTEES have unanimously declared that we DO NOT CONSENT TO, nor do we ACKNOWLEDGE THE BENEFIT of the UK Canada Act (1982), and we WAIVE ALL BENEFITS therein.  To show that we have no DISHONOUR for the House of Windsor or Her Majesty’s wishes we commissioned the Royal Trust of AQUILAE, and thus our RESIGNATION FROM GOVERNMENT SERVICE would still be HONOURABLE.  Those who go digging around for the meaning will discover AQUILAE means “Of the Eagle”.  I know you don’t get it, you’re too stupid.  We were all Canadians, and the holding company acting for the Trust is in the UNITED STATES (of the Eagle).  Get it?

To understand what the ramifications of this are, you must understand that you are dealing with different legal jurisdictions.  AQUILAE effectively lays claim in ALL JURISDICTIONS, thus damaging and/or destroying any monetary instruments from public documents bearing our names.  Legally this means any Royal Titles are prorogued.  Since Stephen Harper was elected he has prorogued parliament more than any other time in history.

“Prorogued” simply means that “something’s fucked up; come back when we’ve fixed it”.  With the advent of the Treaty of Westminster I am also effectively a “commoner” as well.  If I only acted under noble title the Americans would be perfectly within their rights to kill me.  Look at the US Constitution.  It has some very specific things to say about the nobility, in somewhat archaic language.  Effectively claiming noble title in the United States means you can be summarily convicted of Treason; but they do have separation of church and state, so that’s a good thing… I guess.

The only way to effectively survive as Prorogued Nobility is as a PRIVATEER (That’s like a pirate, only you get paid).  This may come as a surprise to you, but there are more privateers and pirates operating today, than there ever has been in all of history combined.  I look at it as one of my greatest accomplishments as I had served in, and now command, a private navy; and nobody even noticed.  That is my status – prorogued noble…and pirate.

It really did make my life an adventure.

My first love is computer science, and it is the bulk of what I do to occupy my time.  Those that remember me, (and people always remember me) are from all walks of life.  CIBC, NCR, WALMART, The Toronto General Hospital, DELOITTE AND TOUCHE, the list goes on…  Corporations that are stepping a little out of line, and need correcting, were the targets I was often deployed to.   ..and that list is just in the past sixteen years!  It required a skill level that very few people had, and each time I did my duty (it wasn’t my job, nor was it my employment), I patted myself on the back and said, “Not bad for someone who was told by his father, ‘Scott, you live in a fantasy world.  You watch too much Star Trek, and there will never be computers everywhere’.”  When the first consoles, like the Atari 2600, the ColecoVision, and the Commodore 64 showed up on the scene, my father in his “wisdom” declared that these were toys, and that one could not “make money off of them”.   That was the day I knew, “I’m smarter than he is”. Pictures of an Atari 2600 bring me back to that moment as if it was yesterday. 😀

I had often wondered why my deception was so effective on him; and it was because he was just as stupid as everyone else.

That’s when my life truly began.  I knew what was coming, and I knew what to do about it.  I wasn’t accountable to anyone, except Elizabeth Windsor, and she has nine dogs so she’s pretty fucking busy. Seriously! Dogs take the same effort/inconvienience as raising children! She has NINE! She’s too busy for me, and I had come up with the best answer for me.  From 1960 to now, the legal title of Freeman would fade into obscurity in less than two generations, and that’s when the Charter was dropped on you.

You still have that title to this day.  All of you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an immigrant, if you’re just visiting, or if you’re a “citizen”.  You also have the title of Freeman.

But why a Navy?  Why did I start a Navy?  Those of you that have cause to read my writings already know the Charter’s dirty little secret, you simply have to know how to read legal documents.  This means you must know the Maxims of Law, and there are a lot of them.

Whenever you see the word, INCLUDE and/or INCLUDES you must remember the Maxim of Law that states, “The inclusion of one thing is the exclusion of everything else”.  When you read the Charter,  look up where  “CANADA” is, and note the lack of land mentioned.  To hold clan equity, means to protect it.  The Acts and Statutes by which you are governed are derived from Admiralty Maritime Law.  The jurisdiction is established in the real world by the use of “Stone Frigates” (nickname for a naval establishment on land).  For instance, in downtown Toronto right next to the old Tip Top Tailor’s building, is a building which identifies itself only as HMCS York.  This establishes Federal Jurisdiction on the land from which these laws of the water are derived. It’s on LAND. I’m not.

By my mid-twenties I was noticing the decay of Canadian society.   Religious agendas, and conflict were encouraged.  You could get a law degree by mere memory and recitation, and nobody knew who they were.  They also didn’t realize what they were doing with their children.  Children and grandchildren of officers that served in World War II get “special” birth certificates.  You can spot these special birth certificates by the way the name is typed out.  The name is written in its proper form (John Scott Duncan) and not JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN.  This gives you all the benefits of commerce and none of the liability.

Enter the ‘Freemen On the Land’

I’m not afraid to admit that the biggest drawback to knowing more than everyone else is that it’s profoundly lonely.

Imagine if you will, a world where everybody is 12 years old, or less.  You are the only one in your 20’s, or 30’s or 40’s (depending on how old you are), and that’s what life is like for me.  You see 12 year olds have the benefit of ignorance and gullibility, making them very easy to manipulate.  This gets tedious after a while, and it makes it very difficult to look in the mirror.  I couldn’t figure out why it had to be such a lonely existence.  I don’t possess any mental powers that you don’t, but you all love ignorance and stupidity.  You celebrate your ignorance with idiotic phrases like, “Keepin’ it real”, while worthless people control you.  I know they’re worthless, as I’ve walked among them.  It seems the more wealth people have, the more contemptible they are.  I’ve been a millionaire 1.5 times in my life (the .5 is given that designation as it was less than two months – I’d learned my lesson the first time).  Only those that have experienced self-made wealth can understand this, but the worst part about being rich is that you have to hang around rich people.  It seems I’d flown too high, and nobody had noticed.  I longed for a conversation that didn’t require two years of education before the party I was conversing with could even grasp the outer edges of what I was saying. I still do.

By 1992 all of you have forgotten what had been taken from you, presuming you were even aware in the first place.  But the Internet was just deregulated.  This was my world, and now there were no rules.  I almost immediately missed the old days of the Internet, where large groups of people who trusted each other could maintain vast communication networks, and where everybody played by the same rules.  I have had an Internet presence since 1982.

My idiot family’s interpretation of what the Internet was, was that I was “claiming to be part of a secret society”, and was “trying to reinforce my delusions about computers”.  That was when I stopped sharing anything with my family, except possibly my desire to kick them in the face for their stupidity, and their profound lack of foresight.  I was on my own, and it was lonely.

Life went on until 1997.  CIBC was hemorrhaging money by the billions, and they couldn’t stop it.  The technology existed for inter-bank transactions at the consumer level,  “hole in the wall” bank machines were everywhere, and it got so desperate I was sent in to figure out why.  A lawyer acting as a third-party representing CIBC had said I would never set foot in CIBC two year’s earlier, so when I walked in on my first day I placed my briefcase in the ground, in the Atrium of 901 King Street, and faced every security camera, turning around slowly so everyone knew I was there.  (Yes, just like the “Thomas Crown Affair” remake… but years earlier. It attracted the attention of someone who I would spend my life with. More on that later.)I thought I was going to have to do detective work, but the issue soon became obvious.  There was nothing wrong with the technology, there was something wrong with the people.

By this time the Internet was a “growing fad”.  So I thought I’d use it to solve the bank’s problem.  I simply named names of the inept and their inept practices, and published it on a Tripod site.  Policies were quickly cleaned up after that.  Knowing who I was the banks hired Bruce Smith, of Smith Lyons, to deal with this “unusual threat”.  It didn’t take him long to realize that this was a fight he couldn’t win.  Law firms do not frighten me.  If a law firm says they are going to “take me down”, I agree, but I’ll take them down with me; and I can bounce back a lot quicker than they can.  Lawyers don’t actually have any real-world skill, and they’ve certainly not ever had an original thought.

These were the things I did to occupy my time.  What the fuck have you done lately?

But it was still lonely.

I just wanted to have a conversation.  A real conversation, where I don’t have to explain anything, I don’t have to correct anyone’s stupidity or ignorance – just a conversation.  Something where new and great ideas are discussed.  Just a conversation.  I’m nearing half a century on this planet, and I have yet to find it.  I gained the most by seeking out people who were smarter than I, and that pool gets smaller and smaller every year.  Don’t lie to yourselves.  After the age of 27, you won’t even pick up a book, and everything in your life becomes just presumption and belief.  That is a recipe for ignorance; and that’s the way it’s designed.  You see the nobility are not the good guys; they’re the bad guys, and they are what engineered all of this legal monstrosity you see today.  When I try to explain it to anyone that I like, I very quickly receive the “crazy” label.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one, so I went looking.  The most aware seemed to be natives.  I watched the news coverage of Dudley George and the lies they published and the stories they spun; all to hide the fact that Dudley George was right and all the white guys didn’t have the right to be there.  This set off alarm bells for me.  This had nothing to do with legal or illegal, even though you heard these words.  This had to do with treaties, which a commercial entity acting as government, was ignoring.  They did so brazenly, because they presumed that the general public was far too ignorant to even grasp the issues.  They were right.  Everybody bought the story hook, line, and sinker.  Dudley George was assassinated on national television, and nobody gave a shit.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, yet there it was.  I began seeking out anybody who actually understood the issues, understood what was wrong.  I eventually found someone who tried to do something and got shit on for his trouble, an ex-Crown Attorney named Steve Krupnik, and through clever manipulation of circumstances I ended up working in the same company as the man.  For ten years we were very close friends.  More on that drama later,but for now I’ll say that this was a lawyer who suffered from too much history, and who was bound by too many oaths.  He often expressed that my being at the company where he worked, made working there bearable.  But it wasn’t enough.  He got the benefit, not me.

And then I saw Robert Menard.

I listened to this man’s discourse on law.  He wasn’t holding back!  “Do you know the difference between legal and lawful”?  “Did you read the motor vehicle act before you signed that license”?  It was as if Jesus Christ had come back, like it says in the Fairy Tale! I didn’t expect it, and  I was very impressed.  This was a man truly standing on his own based on his knowledge.  Even better, he was teaching others!  This was the epitome of what a freeman should be; except he seemed to have solved nine tenths of the puzzle.  He didn’t identify himself as a freeman, he identified himself as a “Freeman-on-the-Land“.  It was the “on the land” part that baffled me.  Legal only exists on the land.   Accounting only exists on the land.  It’s also where ‘orders’ are given.  He even explained in one of his videos, the legal definition of ‘order’.  So why was he making this horrendous error of specifically isolating and binding the freeman title to the land?  It made no sense to me.  He certainly knew about Admiralty Maritime law, he most definitely knew about the nobility; so reaching out to this man was going to be problematic.

I start out as “the bad guy” in any initial contact.  In many ways he’s right.  It must be in my blood, I don’t know, but every time I see somebody who clings to their bullshit, and relies on said bullshit as a substitute for knowledge, I crave the sensation of exploiting them.  These articles are just as much for me as they are for you.  Consider it PROPER NOTICE.  Wake up, or serve – those are your choices.

Robert Menard was awake.  I had to meet this man!  He seemed to be missing such a small part. It was safe to presume his default position was “beware of nobles, bearing gifts”. I didn’t want to scare him away!

If he understood this much, how much more does he understand?  Could my only wish in life be satisfied?  Was I going to have a real conversation?



Because the point of this article is constantly missed, I shall dumb it down for you:The “Rule of Law” got us this far. It is now staffed by the corrupt, violent and inept. The Free-dumb movement are a threat to YOU, because when you study what I teach, it is TRUE and self-evident. The corrupt, violent, and inept, COMMERCIAL GOVERNMENT (That’s what the Charter IS) want to lump YOU in with the free-dumbers and their half-truths, so they can “legally” dismiss ALL voices that draw attention to the fact that the “People’s Government” is in fact corrupt, violent, and inept. They even INVENT made-up groups, that REAL nut-jobs adopt! Al Queda is one! “Sovereign Citizen” is another. REAL NUTS adopt these MADE UP THINGS and make them real. THAT is a BIG part of “The Looming Threat of FreeDumb”. SEE: ADDENDUM 

Scream Freee-Dumb!
Scream Freee-Dumb!