THE TENDER FOR LAW: YOU THINK WRONG AND VALUE THE WRONG THINGS – By Tara Duncan (c) 2015 ROGUESUPPORT INC.  under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. While this is predominantly directed at personal friends and acquaintances, there are perhaps some FB group members who may benefit from the information in this article, as well. This should not be new information to most. It does seem, however, to be a repeating theme.

Over the years I have noticed an interesting trend with friends, acquaintances and even strangers, who have come to realize (to borrow a well-used phrase) that they “think wrong and value the wrong things”. These people arrive at our actual or virtual doorstep asking for assistance in righting this wrong. Some of these people initially thought we were too politically incorrect, even “crazy”, and then returned years later, hats in hand. They recall with nostalgia, the great resource they discounted in favour of their own personal limitations. They lament the loss of the unconditional support, the candor, the concern for their well-being, the relationship advice, the accurate extrapolations of coming technological changes or world events, or simply the ease with which their problems could be solved.Many realize they never learned how to determine what is important, how to think critically or be happy, how to know what’s true, or how to determine and set their goals. Comparatively speaking this is our default state. While many in our age group are marking time, we still ask “why”, we look forward and not backwards, and we still know how to dream. These same people who discarded us for our perceived shortcomings, now expect to be delivered the secret to what they view as a “magical superpower”, preferably in a few easy sentences. To quote Scott, “I [we] do not have any mental powers you don’t”. It is not, however, trivial to erase a lifetime of dysfunction. Historically, despite our best efforts and with very few notable exceptions, there is ultimately at least one deal-breaker concept that keeps most from succeeding in this endeavor. Here I would be remiss in not mentioning the “hits” with the “misses”. While greatly dwarfed by the failures, the successes are glorious, and populated by people forever grateful to Scott for his time and tutelage, who “pay it forward” to acknowledge a lifelong debt.For people in the “misses” category, belief in “something” that has been programmed into them (by themselves or others), is usually what stops them from being able to intellectually develop, extrapolate, or achieve their full potential.

In short, there is always some misinformation that they love above everything, that compels them to stop the growth process, and to retreat to the safety of an otherwise un-fulfilling existence.I have often heard Scott tell those close to him that he can, and will, take all the time required to assist them in identifying and eradicating the incumbent roadblocks to their self-actualization. To these people he has made himself available on any day, and at any time, for as long as anyone needs his attention. This has literally been going on for decades, but will shortly come to a close.In all cases, YOU, have requested assistance. In all cases, you, and not he, have determined he is qualified for this task. I have frequently heard him caution adults they are likely “too old” to effect productive or meaningful change. This caveat notwithstanding, Scott has never refused his assistance, does not ask for anything, and will not lie to make you feel good.

It is important to note that the time spent on “you” is free, and at your request. We have other things we could be doing – we don’t need money, followers, answers, cult members, or yes men. We don’t change our behaviour to suit others, and we remain true to our ideals and aspirations. At worst, I have some abhorrent do-gooder gene that compels me to try to help people, and Scott would like to one day have a real conversation.By the time you reach adulthood you have likely stopped reading anything. You may have ingrained religious training that compels you to favour belief over rational thought. You may be of the opinion that monetary success equates with happiness. The quest for youth or physical beauty may be your consuming passion. Pointless power or prestige might be your narcotic. If unsuccessful in life or love, you may have fallen into the pattern of choosing the endorphin rush of failure over the endorphin rush of success. Not loving yourself you may seek self-actualization through the validation of friends or strangers. Not trusting yourself, you may idolize and defer to authority figures, both real and imagined. You could believe that procreation or any nuclear relationship will validate your existence or ensure your “immortality”; after which all efforts are directed to nurturing or perpetuating these obligations. You may have a deep and pervasive fear of change or the unknown. You may find yourself making the same unfortunate decisions repeatedly yet expecting a different result. You may have long ago stopped dreaming. You may have forgotten, or never learned, how to learn. You might just be lazy. The commonality for everyone in this category is that they all feel unfulfilled.

All of us get one life. It’s short and relatively unimportant in the larger scheme of things. But it’s ours. Despite what you may have been led to believe, it will never come again. Consuming time frivolously from others and then producing no tangible result, is one of the worst crimes I can imagine. Money can be replaced, possessions can be re-acquired…time, once wasted, cannot be restored and has permanent repercussions. While I say this often, the importance of this concept cannot be overstressed.

If you see some aspect of yourself in this article, think carefully about what you are asking, and what your success or failure costs those around you. If you have requested assistance, open your mind and leave your ego at the door. If you have determined you can’t help yourself, you need to listen to everything being said, trust but verify, and make a concerted effort to learn. Critical thinking is your goal. Until you achieve it, your doubts, irrational biases and predispositions, are not of interest. Most of you will not succeed; but you can succeed if you really want to. Reprogramming yourself is an all or nothing venture – there is no picking-and-choosing the things you think are useful, politically correct or socially acceptable. There is no such thing as part-time critical thinking. Do not swap one set of beliefs for another. Appreciate fully, but do not deify, anyone who would assist you in this endeavor.

Many of you immediately (or eventually) shun this assistance you have begged for, with ridiculous rationalizations or “religiously-inspired” personal attacks. Many take umbrage that the information delivery does not accommodate an apparent requirement for the previously unascertained, to be eased into your psyche with a saccharine-sweet consideration for your “emotional well being”. This behaviour is fairly predictable for people who conceptually believe they should change their lives, but in actuality recoil from it. If you can vilify the “attacker”, you have justification not to change.If you could have done this yourself, you would have done this yourself. I remind you the catalyst to change almost always starts by shaking up the status quo. There are no Marquis de Queensbury rules in learning to think effectively, and your hurt feelings are probably invalid anyway.

In the coming months I’m going to “party-up” this process. If you don’t value the free information you are requesting, I’ll help you to find the door. I’m tired of those close to me suffering the personal attacks of fools, under the guise of your hurt feelings. If you have determined you’re not qualified to direct your own lives, don’t attack those who would show you how to do it. If you don’t understand the process, don’t criticize the process. If you aren’t making much progress, you aren’t making much effort. A thing is either true or it’s not. It’s in or out – there is no half-way.I have noticed that some of the FB group members are making Mesozoic attempts at critical thinking, demonstrating to others what they have learned, or defending those who are assisting them. This is encouraging, even if on a fairly small scale. It should be reiterated that your incorrect opinions, or hostile attempts at introducing arguments contrary to what is demonstrably true, are pointless if you can’t also demonstrate how you do NOT “think wrong and values the wrong things”. When you realize the like-minded cooperate and do not enter into ludicrous debates, this should be a non-issue. Most of you are currently unqualified for this privilege; hence most of you simply can advance no useful information.

Once you know something you can’t un-know it, and in many cases you’ll find the things you believed are not what things really are. Some people find all knowledge to be magical and empowering. Others find they preferred the rosy glow of ignorance, and long for how they perceived things to be. I suggest anyone reading this take a few minutes to determine if this one-way trip is really what you want. If/when you encounter that mystical show-stopping number, and you slink back to your former existence, you will be no happier, especially in light of the new knowledge that you have failed at “rudimentary thinking”. All critical thinkers think critically ALL THE TIME. There is no vacation from logic, and no rest from constructively using your brain. When you can think effectively, you’re ready to actually learn.Unless and until you are able to think critically, best shut up and concentrate on acquiring this mechanism; or to defend against those who would take that resource away from you. We look forward to some day having a meaningful conversation.

Some reading this may categorize it as self-aggrandizing or arrogant crap. You are free to look at it in any way you see fit. This is only for people who asked for, and received, that which they said they desire.Why would you seek something you do not value? I have often heard it said that people don’t appreciate what they do not pay for. I see this demonstrated time, and time, again. It is our privilege to provide whatever assistance we can for as long as we’re able. This privilege however, is not your right. For those of you still slogging away, I really hope you find value in the writings we post, or the personal interactions you have with us. Reality, once embraced, is a wonderful place.

Those left by the wayside because you love your “bullshit” (whether or not you have departed of your own volition), should know the time you have consumed is freely offered only to those who use it wisely. For those who have squandered what is considered by some of inestimable value, should there not eventually be an accounting? As a bonus, practical example of your fate, I recommend a short story by Harlan Ellison entitled, “The Cheese Stands Alone”.


The anthology by Harlon Ellison containing the story The Cheese Stands Alone
The anthology by Harlon Ellison containing the story The Cheese Stands Alone